In English

We at Daily Bistro welcome you to sit down and enjoy good food, refreshing drinks and good company.
Our warm and welcoming atmosphere greets guests right at the door, and we strongly believe a good dish can be made so much better if served with a smile 🙂
We serve a wide range of delicious dishes, from deep-fried goodies to share to lunch-buffets made with love.
Dishes served family style are also a signature of Bistro: order a collection of tapas to share and enjoy memorable moments with friends or family.
Walk-ins can enjoy in a more casual way also at our bar counter that invites diners to have a social dinner alone or with the whole gang.
You can also just stop by for a cup of coffee and the daily newspapers if you like.
We also have free wifi and a terrace.
You can make a table reservation by phone or email,
and we will aim to confirm your reservation during the same day.
If you don’t immediately get a response, don’t worry –
it only means that we’re busy with customers at the moment
and will check our reservation e-mails as soon as possible.
Please note that your reservation is not valid until you’ve received a confirmation e-mail,
so do remember to give your e-mail address   🙂

Opening hours
Monday-Thursday 7:00-22
Friday 7:00-24
Saturday 9-24
Sunday 12-18




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